Behind the Scenes of Midnight Rebel

Narrative , Short Film

Back in May of 2016 we came together again to compete in this year Boston's 48hr Film Project. We assembled a team of star filmmakers to create a project that everyone on the team could be proud of.

We brought in new writers this year. Ted and Seton Murphy are two brothers who grew up on Cape Cod and have written together for most of their lives. They really rose to the challenge of writting their first 48hr script.

Our producing team this year was spot on. Alecia and Jamie returned again to produce, along with first time producer Maura Longueil who is a local to Hanover Massachusetts and runs her photo studio Abbey Knoll Photography from there.

Filmmaling is such a collaborative process and every year we are shown that with the right team you can make a very good short film.

Hanover was such a welcoming town. People litteraly opened their businesses and houses for us to film in. While scouting one of these houses we discovered that there was a hidden trap door in the kitchen. Of course we had to use that trap door in The Midnight Rebel.

We want to thank everyone who made this movie possible and thank Maura and the town of Hanover Massachusetts for such a welcoming spirit.